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Kitchen Scale Blue

Perfect for diets, baby food, & many other uses.

MSRP $4.95
Freezer Mug

Eliminates the need for ice.

MSRP $5.50
Microwave Popcorn Maker

Pops the perfect individual serving of popcorn in as little
as 2 1/2 minutes.

MSRP $7.50
Rubberwood Ulu w/Stand Boxed

A cut above the rest, this original tool is perfect for chopping and slicing the ingredients to your favorite recipes.

MSRP $7.50
Lock Box - Steamer Lunch Box

THE LOCK BOX is your healthy lifestyle helper!  LOCK IN FLAVOR, LOCK IN FRESHNESS, LOCK IN HEALTH.

MSRP $7.50
Prof Carving Set - Knife and Fork

Carving sets are essential not only around the holidays,
but also a great addition to any kitchen.

MSRP $7.95
Rubberwood Salad/Pasta Pals

Great for all kinds of salad and pasta dishes.

MSRP $7.95
10 Piece Microwave Cookware

Perfect for leftovers or packing a lunch.

MSRP $8.45
Electric Bug Zapper.

Zap bugs away with a flick of the wrist!

MSRP $8.75
9 Piece Food Prep Center

A complete set that's both compact and versatile.

MSRP $9.50
Deluxe Carving Set

The deluxe carving set is a welcome addition to any kitchen. These knives are full tang have durable stainless steel blades and feature contoured hardwood handles for easy grip.C

MSRP $9.95
Bamboo Organization Box.

Bamboo Organization Box 3" x 12" x 2".

MSRP $9.99
Bamboo Organization Box.

Bamboo Organization Box 6" x 6"  x 2".

MSRP $9.99
Ceramic Fleur-De-Lys Tumbler

The ceramic Fleur De Lys tumbler will become your new best friend.  This microwave-safe tumbler holds up to 18 ounces.

MSRP $10.45
6 PC Steak Knife Wood Block

6 steak knives with special cutting edge that never needs sharpening.

MSRP $10.50
Freezer Goblet Set

One look and you'll know it's ice cream time.

MSRP $10.95
Stainless Steel Bowl w/Spoons

Perfect accessory for every kitchen.

MSRP $11.75
Professional Knife Sharpener

Bring your knives back to brand new sharpness.

MSRP $11.75
4 PC Gourmet Steak Knife Set

Gourmet version of a tabletop essential.

MSRP $11.95
Bamboo Stacking Organization Box.

Bamboo Stacking Organization Box 6" x 9".

MSRP $11.99
10 PC Storage Set

Great for kitchens, pantries, dorms, picnics,
camping and more.

MSRP $12.50
3 Piece Mixing Bowl Set

Separate colored bowls are not only attractive but.
simplify meal prep.

MSRP $12.50
Microwave Coffee Maker

Simple, fresh brewed coffee in minutes.

MSRP $12.95
Bamboo Organization Box.

Bamboo Organization Box 6" x 12"  x 2"

MSRP $12.99
His and Hers Ceramic Cup w/Handle

Perfect for the home, office, or vehicle.

MSRP $13.25
10 PC Chopping Set

Chopping, dicing & mincing has never been easier.

MSRP $13.75
Bamboo Paper Towel Holder

Our bamboo paper towel holder is sustainably farmed, eco-friendly, sturdy and attractive.

MSRP $13.75
2 PC Soup Crock w/Chalkboard

These oversize mugs come with 2 handles, one on each side making it easy to pick up and sip your latte or hot chocolate or hold while eating a nice hot soup.

MSRP $13.95
Rubberwood Cutting Board Set

Serve a winning promotion! This set features a cutting board and a utility knife with a triple riveted handle.

MSRP $14.25
Cupcake Stand 23 Cups

The perfect design element for any occasion, from birthdays to weddings.

MSRP $14.50